Clinical Demonstration from 5th Years

On Friday evening, two of Selwyn’s 5th year clinical medics gave an interactive clinical demonstration to a full crowd of undergraduate preclinical students. They covered Chest X-rays including how they work, their uses and how to correctly interpret them using the “ABCDE” protocol: Airway, Breathing, Cardiovascular, Diaphragm, Everything Else. Clinical scenarios were discussed including some of the common things you might spot, and others which you might not. They then talked about fractures, including causes, symptoms and management. Cases involving fractures such as a Boxer’s fracture and avascular necrosis of the scaphoid were discussed. It was a great interactive session and we look forward to welcoming back more clinical students soon!


Sam Webb (left, seated) and Matt Lettis (right, standing) gave a great talk to a full crowd of preclinical medics.

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