60 Years of Selwyn MedVetSoc Anniversary Event!

On Saturday 3rd February, Selwyn medical and veterinary alumni from all generations returned to Selwyn to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Selwyn College Medical and Veterinary Society, founded by Dr Whitaker and Larry Baker during their time as students in the 1950s. In that time and since, the society has been a source of support for medical and veterinary students at Selwyn, hosting guest speakers, organising dinners and providing academic and pastoral resources.

It was a pleasure to welcome back alumni and hear how the medical and veterinary course, and indeed Selwyn, has changed, and what they went on to do after leaving. The day started off with a lunch in the new SCR followed by a series of talks on the Medical Elective Fund for 5th year medical students, the newly established Jamie Netschert fund to support veterinary students on their placements, “Veterinary Medicine – then and now” given by Richard Medd, David Chivers and Stuart Eves, and “Clinical Medicine – then and now” given by Henry Annan and Elizabeth Turner.

Following a break for tea, clinical medical students gave feedback on their electives including placements in New Zealand (Charlie Nye and Rebecca Haggie), India (Shalin Abraham), China (Hayley Johnson), Tanzania (Rachel Scott) and Kuala Lumpur (Mohammed Abdelaziz) – all made possible with the generous funding received from the Medical Elective Fund.

Rachel Scott talks about her Medical Elective in Tanzania.
The day started with lunch in the New SCR.
Current Selwyn Medical Students watch the talks
Two of the day’s speakers, Henry Annan (center) and Elizabeth Turner (Center Left) with preclinical director of studies Dr Roddy O’Donnell (Left), Dr Bob Whitaker (Center Right) and Dr Charlotte Summers (Right)

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