Selwyn College Medical Residential

On 24th-25th September, Selwyn College hosted a medical residential for year 13 students (or equivalent) who are considering applying to study Medicine at Cambridge.

The first day of the residential consisted of lectures, practical sessions and supervisions that reflected the pre-clinical part of the Cambridge course (years 1-3). The lectures were on topics ranging from the anatomy of bipedalism to a physiology lecture on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The second day comprised of sessions that reflected the clinical component (years 4-6) of the course, including an interactive CPR practice session.

We hope that they found the experience worthwhile and that they gained an insight into the life of a medical student at Selwyn College. We wish them the best for their upcoming applications!

medvet residential
Here are the students with our Selwyn ambassadors (Anoop and Dawn) during a tour of the College grounds.

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