Medical Research to the Army Medical Services: An Unusual Path

Tonight we had our last Selwyn MedVet Soc academic talk for Michaelmas term. We were delighted to invite Selwyn alumna Dr Suzanne Talbot to talk to our Society about medical research and Army Medicine. She is the current Adjutant with the Army’s ‘Rapid Response’ Field Hospital. Dr Talbot spoke about her experiences doing a PhD at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University. This was followed by a short but informative overview of her time working as a Medical Support Officer under the Royal Army Medical Corps, and the logistics of providing health care in more remote locations.

talbot pic.jpg
SCMVS Co-Presidents meeting Dr Talbot prior to her dining with Selwyn Fellows at Formal Hall. From left to right: Dr Suzanne Talbot, Dawn, Anoop, Professor Benson.

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