A Career in Clinical Academic Medicine

SCMVS were fortunate to have Dr Charlotte Summers, our college Dean and Clinical Director of Studies, speak to us about careers in Clinical Academic Medicine. This talk was extremely informative, and Dr Summers highlighted the many different approaches to achieving an academic career in medicine, as well as her own experiences. The talk ended with a 10 minute Q&A, where students were able to ask about many aspects of the application requirements and process.

The talk was attended by Selwyn medical students from first year, all the way to fifth year students who will be submitting their applications later this year. We are extremely grateful to Dr Summers for sharing her experiences and clarifying opportunities within a rigorous and highly rewarding career path.

Image above: Flowchart showing the training pathway in Clinical Academic Medicine. Image obtained from the ‘Rough Guide to the Academic Foundation Programme’ (2013). Accessible at http://www.foundationprogramme.nhs.uk.

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