Clinical Electives Experiences

The current 6th Year Selwyn Medics, who were in receipt of funding from the Selwyn College Medical Elective Fund (or from funding from alumni and/or the Master of Selwyn), came back to College to present us with their Elective stories. The audience was filled with current medical students, alumni and Fellows of Selwyn. Dr Whitaker introduced each speaker and they were each given 10 minutes to speak on their experiences with a Q&A afterwards. The event was an eye-opener for the younger medical students, as it gave them an insight into what a Medical Elective entails.

Links to their reports:

It was very inspiring to see their rewarding and life-changing experiences. We are very grateful to the Master, medical Fellows and alumni of Selwyn College for helping to fund our electives.

Picture above: George Tang (6th year Selwyn Medic)  presenting his research elective.

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