A Career in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Selwyn Medical Society hosted our final academic talk of the year by Mr George Lamberty (SE 1962). Mr Lamberty is a retired Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. He trained both in London and the US and became Consultant Plastic surgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital from 1982-2008. He has won many awards in his field.

Mr Lamberty presented a number of skin flap surgeries for people who have been in accidents or for cosmetic purposes. He also presented some of his most fascinating and memorable cases. In particular, he told us of a 13 hour operation that he completed which involved rejoining a complete severed hand to its corresponding arm. In addition, he emphasised the changing role of a plastic surgeon; it is become more sub-specialised which means surgeons of his generation completed a broader range of surgeries at the consultant level.

Many of the audience members were very captivated by his work and we thank him for introducing us to the amazing field of plastic surgery!

Picture above: Medic Co-Presidents with Mr George Lamberty prior to him dining at formal.

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