Prospective Students

Studying Medicine at Cambridge is a unique opportunity to experience word-class teaching in the beautiful surroundings of this university town. Studying at one of the best universities in the world is demanding but rewarding and is an experience many will never forget.

Cambridge is a collegiate university which means it is divided into constituent colleges. Selwyn is one of 31 such colleges. Your college is where you live, eat, socialise and have supervisions – small teaching sessions with a leading expert in the subject. Unlike many universities, Selwyn provides acccomodation for all three years of the undergraduate (BA) part of the medicine degree, and together with all meals being available at hall, this means you have more time to devote to not only medicine, but activities outside of the course.

In first year you will study three main subjects: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. Additionally there are smaller modules in Statistics, Society & Ethics and Preparing for Patients. Each subject involves lectures which are held with all the medicical students (and veterinary students too for biochemistry and physiology) from all colleges, as well as practicals. In anatomy this includes hands-on, full body disection for 4 hours per week. In biochemistry practicals involve using high-spec equipment and performing advanced techniques such as PCR. In physiology the subject is often yourself as you experiment with electricity and more. Each aspect of the course is heavily science based and you will go into detail you never before thought possible.

Learning everything is tough and there will be points at which you struggle. However there is support at every turn. Not least the supervision system – typically an hour a week in each subject with an expert, in teaching groups of 4 or less. This is a great opportunity to consolidate lecture material, explore new topics and ask any questions that may have arisen during lectures. In addition your Tutor provides pastoral support alongside other members of college such as the Chaplain, College nurse and JCR welfare officers.

Let us know if you have any questions – and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Typical weekly 1st Year timetable – practicals change each week