Selwyn College Medical Elective Fund

This Fund was established in 2009 after an appeal when multiple donations were received from Medical Alumni and others. It was instigated to supply financial help for students planning Medical Electives usually, but not exclusively, away from Cambridge.

Recipients must be 5th year Selwyn Clinical Students studying Clinical Medicine at the Cambridge Clinical School. Funds can be used for travel, subsistence or fees and should be considered as a contribution and not complete funding. As there is a limited annual income from the capital fund, maximum help at present is usually in the region of £200-500.

In addition there is an associated Rajesh Aggarwal Fund that provides an annual support of £300 for a student taking an elective in the areas of medical education, health policy, or innovation. If you think that your elective fills one or more of these criteria please specify this in your application.

Details of the fund can also be found on the Selwyn Postgraduates’ Grants, Funds, and Loans page as well as on the Medical Elective Fund page of the Selwyn Alumni website.

The designated 2020 Medical Elective Fund Application Form should be submitted by the closing date to the Senior Tutor’s Assistant at Selwyn College (at present Gina Vivian-Neal) with a copy to Dr R Whitaker ( Funding from other sources, applied for or already promised, must be declared. Details of any projects of an academic nature should be clearly stated.

The closing date for applications for 2020 is 28th February 2020

All applications will be considered and funds allocated as fairly as possible. Factors taken in consideration may include:

  • Projects that are of an academic nature that may lead to a publication or presentation at a scientific meeting.
  • Declaration if applications have been made to other grant sources. A list of potential sources can be obtained from Dr Robert Whitaker and is on this website.
  • Special circumstances.

The Fund is administered by Dr Robert Whitaker, Dr Charlotte Woodford and The Senior Tutor.

Successful applicants will be obliged to submit a report of their research or experiences and be prepared to give a short presentation of the elective to the Selwyn College Medical and Veterinary Society when requested to do so.

February 2020

Elective Reports

Here are some of the reports that Clinical Students have created after performing their elective studies with the help of the Medical Elective fund.




Other Funds

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